06/04 – 25/05

“The architect Dimitris Pikionis is undoubtedly one of the most important inspirations for the floors and pavements made with pieces of precinct and local stone created by Perla Krauze. To experiment one of those spaces, is to live several experiences and one of these is walking on unstable pavements and feel that the stones, large and small, are broken generating music and sounds”

– Michel Blancsubé

PAVEMENTS are large or small, topographic, geographic installations, almost common landscapes where I use construction materials, fragments, pieces of different local stones, volcanic or enclosure in this case of El Seco, Nealtican and marble from Tecali, Puebla; quarry of Oaxaca, where each material talks about the place and its work processes, but at the same time they are memory integrated into an experience. The intention of these kind of works is to create a site or place, a path to walk and listen to sounds, feel the unstable or the recent memory where the fragments attest to events of daily life, fragile for everyone. With the intention of  integrate rather than fragment more, I try to generate a contemplative space to live.

This experience begins in the marble factories of Tecali where I have already worked on numerous occasions and at the daily pace are thousands of pieces of stone tamped on the dust, dirt and waste. In any direction we see mountains of these remnants stacked creating landscapes. The small wall works are made with flat on the stone or partition, in the old style with cactus goat, lime and colored in earth tones, in this case: Oaxaca.