Month: April 2016

Syllables / Omar Barquet

  Main Room May 11 – July 2, 2016   V The passion on the wall, the knot to come, the birth.  The sunless openings, the illuminated edge and its mourning.  The battle between the red and the orange, the fresh wind  of the memory of Greece where living is an experiment  of atmospheres, of bones, of cuts and sinking.   Syllables […]
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Shadowplay / Amadeo Azar

  Projects Room May 11 – July 2, 2016   “…certain types of perception of the world are poetic themselves. Everything that helps to dissolve the boundaries, making the world a homogeneous and poorly differentiated whole, is impregnated with poetic power (is the case of fog or twilight). Some objects have poetic impact, not as objects alone, but by breaking […]
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