Month: January 2017

Painting After / Omar Rodriguez-Graham

  Main Room February 7 – April 8, 2017   After more than twelve years of trajectory, Omar Rodriguez-Graham’s practice is at an inflection point. Omar has developed a more-than-critical view of painting as a discipline of art, as a battleground of ideas about painting. He uses its own mechanisms to talk about its communicative effectiveness, and in the process, […]
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Uni-verses / María Edwards

  Projects Room February 7 – April 8, 2017   “The task of the writer is to metaphorize the world, to poetize it. His poetic gaze uncovers the hidden love relationships between things. Beauty is the event of a relationship… It only manifests itself later, in the light of something else, as reminiscence. It consists of historical phosphorescent sediments. “ […]
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