Month: April 2018


Terrace April – May, 2018 As an aesthetic theory, neoplasticism was an artistic movement that sought the total representation of reality from geometric abstraction. Within the precepts that can be found in this current, we can point out the idea of ​​an objective and universal plastic language, which seeks the elimination of forms and reach the fundamental elements, resulting in […]
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BLUE ORCHIDS – Johan Grimonprez

Main Room April – May 2018 In collaboration with ltd los angeles and as part of Condo Mexico City, Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo presents ‘Blue Orchids’, an individual show by Belgian artist Johan Grimonprez (1962), second exhibition at the Main Room of the gallery. For the first time in Mexico, and after its previous screening in 2017, Blue Orchids, 2017 (48 […]
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SIMIENTE – Sabine Finkenauer

Project Room April -May 2018 With clear visual references to the history of art and its most transcendental figures such as Sonia Delaunay, Joan Miró and even Elsworth Kelly and Jürgen Partenheimer, Sabine Finkenauer’s works (Germany, 1961), established in Barcelona since 1993, is materialized in drawings, paintings, sculptures, fabrics and subtle and delicate installations of maximum visual force, where the […]
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