08 JUN – 24 AGO

For her first exhibition at the gallery, Hisae Ikenga presents two series of works; on the one hand the metallic structures with panels of the series “Sutil Olvido” and on the other the ceramics “Fósiles- Vasija”. Both proposals mix elements and materials from different times and moments. In the case of the ¨Sutil Olvido¨ series, the mixture of the production processes, the industrial materials, their qualities and colors, together with the forms, are the protagonists of this temporary chaos. And in the case of the “Fósiles- Vasija”, a series of supposed rocks have sedimented over thousands of years, taking the form of a vessel with relief drawings.

Born in Mexico City, Hisae Ikenaga studied at the ENEPG, INBAL, and continued her formation at the University of Arts & Design of Kyoto and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.