Main room

February – March, 2020

Anagrams represents one of the final phases of Ghost Variations, an interdisciplinary project begun in 2012 that proposes a symphonic structure as a metaphor of the stages of a hurricane. This show reinterprets 3 poetic variations created from anagrams written by Francisco Hernández for the artist in 2016. Barquet reconstrues these anagrams by incorporating new images and references into his pieces, by exploring the symbolism of diverse materials, and by reconfiguration of the logic of the anagram in the exhibition’s content and form.

Barquet’s artworks recover and fragment elements from previous pieces in the Ghost Variations series, thus imitating the anagram’s restructuring of language, creating new meaning when read either backwards or forwards. In the end, Anagrams brings together a constellation of works that evoke the spiraling of time and the resurgence of life in the wake of the storm.


Is in fact crafting anagrams on the rings of Rome

or on the gardens of Greece degrading the language?

And the collapsing quivering wall,

should we raise it with red pigeon eyes?

Oh, sea, bunch of berries drowning in its scent.

Francisco Hernández