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Stories @ Espacio CDMX, 2020

STORIES. Almudena Lobera solo exhibition. Espacio CDMX. Mexico City Jan. 30 – Mar. 29, 2020 – extended Organized by Espacio CDMX and Arroniz Exhibition Design: LANZA Atelier & Almudena Lobera Stories proposes another way of visiting an art exhibition, modifying the usual logic which applies to the location of the work, the space which contains it and its viewer. In this case, […]
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  Main Room 26 de april, 2017.   Throughout the latter part of the 20th Century until today, international borders have become an area of conflict, with issues ranging from ilegal migration, traficking, drug smuggling, consumption of narcotics, violence, prostitution, gambling, economic desparity etc. The social cost as well as the ideological and economic implications of these border regions has […]
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