September – October, 2018

The work of Jerónimo Hagerman (Mexico City, 1967) can be defined as an analysis of the relationship between individuals and the rest of nature. His work reviews the way we dimension our environment and ourselves generating an emotional bond with the outside world. Covering some aspects of the modern myth of civilization – such as domestication or landscape as an aesthetic value – his work problematizes our integration in the wild.



In 2017, Hagerman made a series of photographs in a northern Japan forest where colorful construction machines rested as if defeated in a foliage of fiery autumnal colors. The tropical storms that hit the island usually cease in October, leaving these forms of dense colors exposed, impregnated with a calm moisture on their metal surface. The vulnerability in the rest and the fragility in these images are for Hagerman possibilities for the extension of the conscience, habitual points of view from where he seeks to reflect his context.


Iron structures, parabolic antennas and enamel paint

Taking into account that geometry arises and is a synthesis of the observation of nature, the sculptural practice of Hagerman proposes a plastic return of the geometric with the intention of generating a meeting point between abstraction and reality. At the same time he is interested in the understanding of the architectural phenomenon as a possible refuge where the overwhelming exterior a place that invites also to reflection, waiting and contemplation. In Aeródromo. Variaciones geométricas, the artist recovers the basic strokes of popular children’s games in the public parks of the seventies; in which forms, color and the dynamics of the game seemed to foster an organic relationship between individuals and the public space. Thus, the terrace of the gallery becomes a bird scale playground, where the sculptural value of the spatial container and the group of elements that intervene. The visitors move through the scupltures almot like if they were flying through them. Jerónimo Hagerman lives and works between Mexico City and Barcelona and his work has been exhibited in Norway, Uruguay, the United States, Japan, Poland, France, Singapore, Panama and Russia. At Tabakalera art center, Fundació Joan Miró and Matadero, in Spain and on the other hand at the University Museum of Contemporary Art, Museo Experimental el Eco, MUCA Roma, Centro de la Imagen, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil and Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.