JUL 2022

Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo presents Estadios, Estancias, Estaciones with work by Martin Cordiano and Lizi Sánchez, curated by Lassla Esquivel.

This exhibition invites us to a personal and intimate universe of the artists based on their daily lives. Through a set of sculptures, drawings and a video we can explore limits that are diluted, redefined and juxtaposed.

The title suggests an ambivalent game of words with multiple meanings that refer simultaneously to living, space and time, in which Estadios, Estancias, Estaciones  exists free from the confinement to a single dimension or any definition.

Cordiano intervenes objects from the day to day creating a series of sculptures and structures. These objects overlap, cross and merge one into another, their borders become unclear and blurred. Each sculpture evokes a specific moment that one can discover within the textures of the furniture and feel the human presence in each element. The protagonists are the spaces and objects that surround us, and the story they tell, which is not linear but rather becomes a sort of collage where different layers overlap and exist in space-time.

In his work, we are also faced with the complexities of living together. Cordiano articulates a space where coexistence and competition are simultaneous; it invites us to discover different possibilities of seeing the folding and unfolding of the objects that negotiate in space, while each one claims to be in its right place. The moment win which time and space is also a characteristic of Sánchez’s work.

The artist concentrates on the writings that she collects in her workshop, which is also her home. Using carbon paper, these are meticulously copied – at times warped, enlarged and dismembered. Notes, supermarket lists, sketches, drawings, math and language classes that pass through his work table are meticulously copied – at times distorted, enlarged and dismembered. We find ourselves not with the original writings nor with their copy, but with the membrane or skin that filters them and that in the process – as in the affair of memory – intermingles the events while the matter transforms and even deteriorates.

In Sánchez’s work there is also a reflection on systems that seek to organize the space in which we live, from the everyday to the sidereal. Her work oscillates between the organization and disorganization of these codes. Sánchez chooses to regroup these carbon papers of illegible writings and symbols to Carbonic Constellations of small and large format. Each set is perfectly delimited and named following the logic of the official star map convention.

Martín Cordiano and Lizi Sánchez have worked on other shows together, including Two Shores, focused on the fluid inhabitation between two points, which sparked a conversation between the artists and the curator for the most recent show in Arróniz. On this occasion they meet again to expand the conversation and explore the concept of coexistence and the organization of temporary space.

Curator: Lassla Esquivel