Main Room

08 JUN – 24 AGO

Ghost Mountain presents a group of paintings whose common denominator is a careful reflection on the genre of landscape. The main characters of these works are volcanos, mountains, hillsides of changing colors, translucent surfaces, bamboo forests, and people that at times seem to inhabit those places. In this series developed by Agustín González (1978, Mexico City) from personal experiences of natural immersion in Chile, Japan, and Mexico, romantic monumental landscapes are not considered as pictorial motifs. The artist privileges and transforms, according to his own vision, details of summits or the geological constitution of particular rocks. He invites the public to see his paintings as portraits of nature. Despite the attention placed on forests and mountains of different geographical contexts, González’s point of view is not naturalist –his aim is aesthetic contemplation. The artist puts at the service of his work a dedicated and attentive look that, while being overwhelmed by the grandeur of the scenarios he visits, is also able to capture the fissures and cracks in those same landscapes. In a particular way, the slow but implacable destruction of the nature of which man is responsible.

González’s painting represents those processes of gradual destruction through transparencies and dynamic and scattered brushstrokes that play with the expressive possibilities of drawing and painting.