Jerónimo Hagerman


Mexico, 1967


Lives and works between Mexico City and Barcelona.

His work has been developed around the analysis of the relationship that exists between the subject and the exterior, emphasizing how the emotional links between the individual and nature are generated. His pieces have covered some aspects of the modern myths of civilization against the wild, among which are domestication, the landscape as an aesthetic value and the problematic location of the human in front of nature.

He has exhibited in the main museums of Mexico City: MUAC, Museo Experimental El Eco, MUCA Roma, Centro de la Imagen, Siqueiros Public Art Room, Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, Carrillo Gil Museum, among others. His work has also been exhibited outside of Mexico in: Spain, Norway, Uruguay, the United States, Canada, Japan, Poland, France, Singapore, Ireland, Panama and Russia. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions and commissioned projects, among which are: And if I could fly … how high would I go, Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City, Dreaming a summer landscape, Rake, Trondhaim, Norway, Garden of smell, permanent installation in the Library of Mexico, Archipelago, plant intervention in Matadero Madrid, Under level 0 co-production by Laboratorio Arte Alameda at Nanyang University, Singapore, Contemplating the invasion, intervention in the facade of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros in the City of Mexico, Murals at the Miró Foundation in Barcelona, ​​facade project for the headquarters of the Biennial of the Americas in Denver, United States and Communal Scent Bed in Wigry, Poland.

Currently he develops both plant interventions in public and private spaces as well as architectural collaborations, among which the following stand out: collaboration with the Architect Luis Aldrete, for the Rinconada Margaritas project, the Architect Maurico Rocha, For the Patio of the Library of the Blind, Ciudadela, Ciudad from Mexico, Architect Tatiana Bilbao for the pavilion for the Jinhua park in China and the Mexico pavilion at the Zaragoza expo. His collaboration with Estudio Langarita Navarro in the proposal of gardens for the Red Bull Music Academy in Matadero Madrid has received several international awards.

Exhibitions at the gallery

El aeródromo y el tifón, 2018

Special projects