Los Juegos del Capricornio

Main and Project Room
July 08 – August 19, 2017.


Los Juegos del Capricornio
Collective Exhibition

Ricardo Alzati
Victoire Barbot
Omar Barquet
Christian Camacho
Helena Fernández-Cavada
Madeline Jiménez
Ilán Lieberman
Almudena Lobera
Elsa Louise Manceaux
Yeni Mao
Evelise Millet

The present selection of works has been accumulated by the abstract character of the whole which, in a somewhat unpredictable way, forms a sort of constellation in the exhibition space.

The Capricorn or sea goat, symbolizes the union of the earth with water, the material with the emotions and, in Greek mythology, is linked to the God Pan, satyr who pursues nymphs, talented musician with the gift of changing appearance. Its appearance by all known is due to that, during a battle, it tried to become fish but it did not attain it at all. And so it remained: half goat half fish. In thanks to his unconditional support, Zeus gave him a constellation.

The present works have aesthetic constructions and narratives very different from each other. However, they dialogue, agree and oppose simultaneously. Metaphorically it is an exhibition that, despite having horns and fish tail, manages to form a body, a graphic dynamism between heterogeneous fragments. ¿Hacia dónde se dirige o desde qué horizontes es posible observarlo?
I propose to start with a group of tree pieces that are distinguished by their format and their specific relation with the past: Omar Barquet´s work The Shinning sequence is the White on black transcription of one of the last works by the romantic composer Robert Schuman; when he suffer from depression and auditory hallucinations; Way of Reading #3 by Elsa-Louise Manceaux is a collage that refers to the pre-digital graphic and comic book, using patterns and textures in transfers. Evelise Millet´s model offers a landscape construction bases on its strata and geological elements.
The idea of the book is the link of another group of works: Madeline Jiménez, thinks the series Opacidades like some pages of a book in becoming, made of translucent layers of different types of papers and documents; Helena Fernández-Cavada prepare some projects under the term of “expanded books” compose of a whole body of works, such as the two drawings from the series Muy pronto será tarde así como el asiento; Ricardo Alzati explores in Transcripciones, a continuous series that remembers the Rorschach,stains, the random relationship of the word and its posible altered forms, in the case of words referring to the study and experience on narcotics and other kind of drugs.

Four other pieces interweave a reflection about the construction of the artwork and particular in the drawing: Ilán Lieberman’s reticles, is an exercise with colors on the geometric possibilities of the reticule, a Renaissance tool for the construction of perspective in a bi plane -dimensional; Dinámica de afinación visual by Almudena Lobera it´s an installation that presents in a fragmented way the operational and structural method of a drawing for its exact reproduction; The series Fig 13.01 – Fig 13.15 form studies by Yeni Mao’s are drawings of three-dimensional structures that explore the possible forms of the plane towards the tri-dimensional; As for Eye Flora by Cristian Camacho, this one focuses on the reproduction of a marble floor in four color, drawn directly on cement.

Finally, the drawings and collage installation of Victoire Barbot Sin título para composición 1 and Sin título para móvil 3, closes this constellation, posing in a subtle and playful way a dialogue with the space and the exhibited pieces.


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