Mexico 1981


In his work, Marcos Castro uses symbolic elements found in myths, local histories as well as images of nature and history that serve to generate possible future events as well as the generation of new identities. His work transits between different media such as installation, sculpture, painting and video, but drawings are always the starting point in his creative process.

Castro has had several individual exhibitions including: Necessary Objects in the Dot Fiftyone Miami Gallery, Future Ruins, in the Luis Adelantado Gallery Mexico City, Black Storms, the Clauselito Museum in Mexico City, Bestial Number in the Ex Museum Teresa Arte present, Solve Et Coagula in the Eco Museum among others.

Between his collective exhibitions they are: Study of Stroke, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Panoramic, Palace of Beautiful Arts, Mexico D.F .; Mystical Route- MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey, History of A- Puebla Mexico, Museo Amparo.

He has been awarded twice with the Young Creators FONCA scholarship and has participated in different artistic residences such as Art OMI in New York, Skowhegan in Maine, and 18th Street Art Center in Los Angeles, among others.