United States of America, 1968



Powell has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Latin America, The United States, Asia and Europe, including The New Museum in New York, The Museum of Photography Archive in Mexico City, Ten Haaf Gallery in Amsterdam, Photo España, Tokyo Photo and the Urbis Museum in Manchester, England. In 2007, Mark was invited to photograph his hometown for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD).

Powell published his first book “Very Important Person” (Diamantina, Mexico City) in 2006 and was included in the book “Street Photography Now” (Thames and Hudson, London, 2010). In 2013, he won the 4th Editorial RM Fotolibro prize for his forthcoming book “Open at Noon” to be published and formally presented at Paris Photo in November, 2014. Mark teaches photography and organizes workshops at the School of Arts El Faro de Oriente in Izatapalapa, Mexico City and the Club Fotográfico de Mexico and is an associate at the art house movie theater Cine Tonalá in both Mexico City and Bogotá, Colombia.

He currently lives and works in Mexico City.


Exhibitions at the gallery


For Sale Detroit, 2015