Mark Powell / For Sale Detroit


Main Room
September 18 – October 28, 2015


For Sale Detroit has a very simple concept: if you purchase a photograph, you also become the owner of the object represented. In this case, a house or a specific piece of property located in the city of Detroit, MI, USA.

The goal was to acquire four properties within the real estate market of Detroit, which are now being offered as photographs in unique editions. The ultimate goal is to transfer the deed to an art collector.

All documents in the exhibit are legally-binding designed specifically to be part of the project. This show directly reflects representations of value and directly speaks to the metaphor of speculation involved in the appraisal of objects within the general politics of the art world.

This exhibition also speaks of the economic bias through race and geography, stereotypes, the cliché and laissez-faire seduction of ruin porn. These photographs are not casual drive-by shootings. This project will directly make this selection of Detroit real estate valuable again through simple assertion of the real estate object within the commerciality and economics of art.

The final result will allow the photographs and properties to collapse on one another. The transfer of an ownership deed by signature represents the final stroke; the photograph is allowed to take over the intrinsic value of the house, being able to exist outside the real estate world and revitalized with new value and meaning.


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