Projects room & terrace

Gallery Weekend Mexico City

Sept-Oct, 2019

Apparitions are seen but do not necessarily exist in physical reality. They can be imagined, dreamed or perceived peripherally, but they lack of tangible substance. At the same time, an apparition does not only dwell in the mind but always appears superimposed on the external world opposing fragility and hardness in a vision. Arróniz is pleased to present the individual project ‘Apparitions’ from the American artist Nicola López (USA, 1975) in the projects room and the gallery terrace. The exhibition raises a conversation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional media that reflect on the constructed landscape and the possible qualities of the future.

When happening in the world, apparitions – evidently unreal – affirm a kind of truth that resists being dismissed, denied or easily forgotten; In this case: organic forms that resemble buildings are loaded with an almost poetic beauty that moves away from the urban and also from the natural. And although it is not physically part of our here and now, an apparition can be a manifestation of another type of truth that arises at another time, place or plane and that as it crosses ours is a receptacle and projection of aspirations and fears, possible challenges and cultural failures.

Nicola López’s work describes and reconfigures the perception of the natural and urban landscape to generate constructed landscapes as manifestations of human experience, time, life and death cycles and the structures in which it is located and the context that shapes land. Pushing the boundaries between sculpture, drawing, graphics and installation, López seeks to understand space as a container of current knowledge and limitations such as the ecological disaster.Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nicola López currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is a professor at Columbia University and her work has been exhibited internationally in different institutions such as MoMA, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California; Tamayo Museum, Mexico City and the Denver Museum of Art. She has also had individual exhibitions at the Chazen Art Museum in Madison, WI and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.Within the framework of Gallery Weekend Mexico City, Apparitions is the third individual exhibition of the artist in the gallery.