México, 1953


Perla Krauze was born in CDMX, studied Graphic Design in San Carlos, (UNAM), she traveled to England and obtained a diploma in Textiles and Visual Arts and a Master’s Degree in Art at Chelsea College of Art in London. In 1992 she returned to the city as an MFA student at the Chelsea College of Arts.

Perla Krauze’s artwork is multidisciplinary. It is an exploration between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. It goes from drawing and painting to sculpture or installation; uses photo, video and interventions, having a dialogue with the site and specific space. The common thread of the work is nature, time and memory. Her work investigates with diverse materials, the dualities between the ephemeral and the permanent, the rational and the intuitive, the natural and the artificial. She elaborates routes or mappings collecting images and objects that are incorporated into the pieces, making imprints or traces of time and memory, always talking about a specific place. She has made subtle interventions evidencing the cracks in the urban and natural landscape, making a kind of archaeological documentation and memory of the place.

Exposiciones en la galería

Montaña fantasma, 2019

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