APR 12 – JUN 04

Main room & Projects Room

SISTAS CLANDESTINAS, a phrase that emerges from the poem-song ‘Guitarra negra’ by the singer-songwriter Alfredo Zitarroza, gives its name to the new exhibition by Mauro Giaconi.

A title that functions as a bridge between the two new series of works that confirm the exhibition. On the walls is displayed “The New Treasure of Youth”, a series of drawings that are articulated from the decomposition of an encyclopedia (whose name is the same as that of the series) and its graphic information, and that make up a journey through different intertwined and dreamlike landscapes. Starting from drawing as a mimesis tool, Giaconi manipulates the perception of printed images, draining their textures and shapes until they become infected with others, connecting and relating archive images to reflect on the hegemonic idea of ​​”universal history”.

In the space ‘The Conquest of Bread’ is installed. In this case, Giaconi reappropriates the title of Piotr Kropotkin’s book (published at the beginning of the 20th century) and uses it as a starting point to create an installation made up of fifteen industrial metal shelves that delimit a space and a route that at its turn This time it functions as a storage for a material, bread, which is food but this time is hidden in the appearance of another. Hiding the content in the container, Giaconi interweaves symbology and consensus on these materials to reflect on the complexities of social resistance strategies and power structures.