SO WHAT?, 5.0




FEB 15 – MAR 26, 2021

So what? is a long-term collective exhibition. It is a poetic reference to Miles Davis and Jazz where everything is allowed and it is worth improvising. And it is a question that is asked of the present for the immediate future: So what? In the past year, So What?

It has been modified regularly in an organic and free way with the intention of generating a dynamic device for the exhibition of represented artists and new collaborators. On this occasion and after reviewing some of our constant conceptual axes such as geometric abstraction, landscape and architecture, the gallery proposes a return to its origins to continue reflecting on the different ways of exhibiting contemporary art, its scope, its historicity and its discursive possibilities. The last movement of So what?, includes the work of a collective founded in the two thousandth and integrated by the then recent graduates: Omar Barquet, Agustín González, José Luis Landet and Moris.

Segundo Piso carried out his first group project: Memory in a vacuum (2004), making a temporary intervention in the gallery of the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving ‘La Esmeralda’. The project transformed the exhibition space into an open workshop that was activated to reflect on art education and validation spaces.

Since then, its members have pursued an individual and fruitful career inside and outside of Mexico. So What? brings together pieces made by the collective such as the artist’s book ‘Cara Cortada’ but also includes a selection of individual works that show the communicating vessels between artists and the means of reproduction such as photography, screen printing and photocopying and other disciplines such as drawing and painting.