April – May, 2018

As an aesthetic theory, neoplasticism was an artistic movement that sought the total representation of reality from geometric abstraction. Within the precepts that can be found in this current, we can point out the idea of ​​an objective and universal plastic language, which seeks the elimination of forms and reach the fundamental elements, resulting in the works of rationalist approaches that redefined to the plastic representation as an analytical model of the world. The project described as Neoplasticist theorem of the subsalariado, appropriates the premises to create a device of sculptural situation with the gallery. The architectural analysis of the place is mediated by colored plans created with rags, slang and cloths, used on a day-to-day basis as tools for cleaning the exhibition space, organized from a metallic structure that alludes to the aforementioned neoplasticist model, in an effort to reflect critically on the pauperization of cultural work and the diversification of the works of the artistic industry, taking as a starting point the less remunerated activity of the institutional structure: the intention of the venues, as a metaphor for the weakening of the field of art in front of the different mechanisms of the post-industrial world. In this field, every day, the floors are cleaned, the dust is collected from all those who participate in the social contract of art, in a sort of return of what can be understood as an unattainable utopia of reality as a whole. 

David Miranda