TRANSFORMABLES – Francisco Muñoz


May – June, 2018

The painting is for Francisco Muñoz (Tlaxcala, 1986) the guiding axis of his plastic production. His constant exploration of the possibilities of the two-dimensional has pushed him to integrate elements from mechanical reproduction into the frame, be they photographs taken from fashion magazines or reproductions of catalogs of pre-Hispanic objects, as well as textures obtained from other materials of industrial origin. However, collage work does not end there. Patiently masks, either with paint or graphite, the result of its first juxtaposition in a sort of juggling of the composition by adding or subtracting elements as deemed necessary.

This process of combining elements alien to each other, by its origin, also applies to sculpture. Muñoz has linked in previous works stones extracted from the landscape of his homeland with cement and polynes. He has patiently collected objects extracted from his drifts through the city, or through his various trips through the country, and then intervene with pigments and lacquers, which return the forgotten beauty to the spectator. He has also used materials for industrial use to reinterpret objects extracted from his daily life. Thus, instead of yielding to the temptation of the ready-made, Muñoz is interested in the material translation and its playful transformation in modular sculptures.

With this new work, the young artist continues his uninhibited approach to those elements rooted in the pre-Hispanic imaginary that still circulate among us through copies and facsimiles, which have been present since the beginning of his career.

Irving Domínguez