FEB 15- MAR 26, 2021

Versus No.5 is the fifth show in a series of exhibitions specifically conceived by sets of two artists for the gallery’s project space, bringing together, on this occasion, a selection of works carried out by Jimena Schlaepfer and Christian Camacho during the last months of 2020 and the beginning months of 2021.

The paintings presented by Christian Camacho, which emulate a level of representation reminiscent of the mosaic tradition and its art, are in fact oil paintings on canvas mounted inside recesses constructed expressly to house these pieces. In turn, the works on paper selected by Jimena Schlaepfer bear not only
the signs of her drawing, but also characteristics typical of textile practices. This game of appearances brings to the grouping a kind of double jump, in which the show’s very structure appears to abet a variation on games whose intention seems both obvious and opaque at the same time. Among the show’s operations, there is also that of holding back the moment in which it could be detected that each wall supports not only two elements, but also a specific connection between them, evoked in the figure of the pairs.

Also, among the possibilities of this double setting, similes can be found in the dimensions and treatment of each work, but additionally in the consideration of practices whose imagination is that of trades and manual tasks of the past and present.

Finally, there is also a series of messages suggested by the visual frontality of each of the show’s pieces. From the aforementioned use of the icon or symbol, to the encryption of codes and patterns, both sets are also activated as a selection of messages that the artists have decided to emit without an apparent receptor. It is in the expectation of these emissions that Versus No. 5 deposits its aims.