Projects Room

Semi-attended installation with video, sound, speakers, butter paper, coal paper and Wood.


Conversaciones pendientes happens as an atmosphere composed of several independent pieces that converse with each other, configuring a video installation that invites a latent participation from the spectator.

It is not an interactive piece – there is no use or user. Everything happens without the need for an outside presence and at the same time without fear that another can enter the conversation. The reincarnations of obsolete technologies made by Ícaro Zorbar are made with affection and nostalgia for a time that his generation can barely remember. The artist is particularly interested in the humanization of technology and highlights the aesthetic value of his toy-like machines.

Icaro Zorbar’s works, such as Sympathy for the Devil, for example, immerse the public in a visual and sound environment consisting of screens, science fiction and mirrors. They are a disturbing reflection of an era that has already vanished. Ícaro Zorbar lives and works in Norway and his work belongs to collections in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Austria and Luxembourg.