Argentina, 1977



The work of José Luis Landet is manifested as a meeting point in which diverse modes of operation and assimilation of cultural processes crossed by social, political and ideological actions, take place. He takes; among others, oil landscapes from 1940 to 1970 whose Romantic character, typical of amateur painters, shows a personal search for the notion of paradise, recreating an apocryphal subject.

Returning to everyday images such as paintings, photographs, letters, postcards, super 8 films, slides, texts, magazines and books loaded with memory, time and use, Landet creates new objects materially and conceptually from a specific analysis, registration and classification.

Archive, cut, break, cover, falsify, submerge, fragment, simulate, remove from the shadows and put new ones are transformed as the artist considers into poetic actions.

Public and private

The utopian past

The dystopian present

The universal history

Exhibitions at the gallery

Doma, 2016

Paisaje recuperado, 2012

Special projects